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Ep. 21 - Have One on Us!

Galactic News

Sex-toy manufacturer, Pluggz, has issued a galaxy-wide recall for their popular Punisher line.

They get stuck folks!

After the devastating galactic presidential debate this last space-Monday against Ted Cruz, Quarf Schweppes has given a barrage of excuses for his  performance.

There was a bad space-microphone which only he seemed to notice. He didn’t want to call it a conspiracy, but he was sure that Space-Fox News would agree.

Also, he complained that he got all the hard questions, and the moderator was a total grumpapotamus for asking him questions about topics he didn’t completely understand or even want to talk about.

Meanwhile, viewers liked how confident his lies sounded and were really all-around impressed with how many times he interrupted the other candidate. 

Earth News

Mercury is in retrograde, but no one knows what that means, or cares. 

Go home Mercury

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