For Aliens, By Aliens

A podcast about what it means to be a Hooman

Ep. 6 - Back to School

Galactic News

The galactic Mouth-Hole Administration has initiated a recall of all Zycor "Mealables" nutrition-replacement products. Reports indicate that the continued consumption of "Mealables" products has been found to cause children to swell uncontrollably, then split down the middle in a, quote "terrible rending of flesh."

When the flesh of the child falls away, a copy of the original child is found in its place. These doppelgängers look and act just like normal children. But are they? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, maybe lay off the Mealables.

Meanwhile, troubles mount for the beleaguered Zycor corporation as it has been announced that co-founder and galactic philanthropist Ford Vintner had gone missing.

This pansexual playboy was last seen with his twin boyfriends leaving a literal launch party after the first successful takeoff of Zycor's new high-speed space pod. Investors await the eccentric quazillionaire's return as Zycor's stocks continue to plummet.

And in other parts of the universe. Another fight has broken out between galaxies, resulting in yet another galaxy cluster.  

© Jacob Rosok and Aaron Patterson, 2016