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Ep. 13 - Lucky Number Thirteen

Galactic News

This week marks the beginning of a dark hole year in the known universe.

So, for the rest of the year all dark holes will be competing against one another to suck up as much light and as many stars as possible.

At the end of the universal year, which is roughly between fifty billion to thirteen trillion Earth Years, the winner will be awarded the rest of the known universe to eat at its own leisure.

A new political movement is gaining popularity on Faragon 7 -- the anti-nihilist party has recently elected their first representative to the planetary parliament.

Taking the stage to make his victory speech, representative Callum McCann repeated the anti-nihilist credo: "We don't believe in not believing in anything."

The nihilists briefly considered nominating a candidate to oppose the anti-nihilists, but felt that this would violate the spirit of their party.

Now, the future looks uncertain for the Nihilists on a world of aliens ready to believe in... Something?

Earth News

Aliens have confirmed that Earth is in fact getting hotter and that global warming is in fact real, and that Donald Trump’s hair can in fact be seen from outer space. 

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