For Aliens, By Aliens

A podcast about what it means to be a Hooman

Episode 53: The One With All the Laugh Tracks

Aaron and Jacob are just two guys just trying to make it in the crazy world of professional podcasting. Tune in each week as these two wacky dudes live, laugh, love, and just try to make sense of this thing we call human life. 
Theme song: “Eye of My Mind” by Wooky (

Episode 52: Jesus Camp

Summer is upon us, and it’s time to head to camp! Grab your sleeping bag, sunscreen, and… Bible? That’s right aliens, your Earth ambassadors both went to church camp, so that’s all they know. So, fill up your bowl of oatmeal and ice cream, say your prayers, and get ready for the most religious camp-themed podcast you’ve ever heard.
Theme song: “Eye of My Mind” by Wooky (

Episode 51: Talking Trash

There are some things that Hoomans don't like to talk or think about very often. One of those things is trash, probably because they create so much of it. In this episode we take a stroll through the life of a piece of trash, find out why Jacob is such a bad boy at recycling, and see what Earth will be like if we don't stop trashing it up. And, of course, your Earth Ambassadors have their own solutions for the trash crisis. Hint: Swiss Family Robinson, but with garbage.
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Ep. 50 - Netflix Killed the Video Store

This week, your Earth ambassadors introduce you to a relic of Earth’s long-forgotten past: video rental stores. These bastions of long lost hope and childlike glee are all but gone from the face of the Earth. Let’s take a look back in time to see why they kicked so much ass and yet were ultimately doomed to fail. Also, Jacob has a poop story...again.

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Episode 49: The Alien in the Mirror

This week, your Earth ambassadors take a long, hard look at mirrors. Tune in to hear about how this incredible invention enabled man to discover his own butthole, learn about the dangers of squash picking, and ponder the true nature of the Jacob-verse.

Theme song: “Eye of My Mind” by Wooky (

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