For Aliens, By Aliens

A podcast about what it means to be a Hooman

Ep. 46 - The FABA and the Furious

VROOM VROOM! If you know your Earth ambassadors, then you know that they’re just a couple of gear heads always ready to talk about their tricked out rides. Tune in this week to hear these two car experts dish about Aaron’s bongo habit, learn what else can be measured in horses, and find out why, in the future, cars will be driving us.

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Ep. 45 - Doctor Dreadful’s Lemonade

This week’s episode was recorded in a real-life blanket fort! That’s right, aliens, it’s a super special day for your most bearded Earth ambassador, so this episode is all about sleepovers. Tune in to hear all about Aaron’s special birthday drink, learn what happens when you give 9-year-olds a bucket of gunpowder, and come to know the majesty of the Nut Crusher.

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Episode 44: Sharks Are People Too

Hoomans have a lot in common with sharks. We are the apex predators of the land. They are the apex predators of the sea. We have cartilage in our noses. They have mostly cartilage all over. Let’s see if we can't bridge this shark and Hooman gap. 

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Episode 43: Rods and Cones

This week your earth ambassadors turn down the lights and get cozy with colors. Learn why sharks only see the color green, and why Aaron always keeps his fridge stocked with three different types of grape juice. What, you didn’t know there were three different colors of grape juice? Well, you have at least one thing in common with the handsomest Earth ambassador.

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Episode 42: FABA - The Musical Version

It’s a crossover hit! This week, your Earth ambassadors welcome fellow podcaster Genie Leslie to help them explain musicals. All questions will be answered, including: What are all these people singing about? Where did Genie make her musical debut? And finally, what would FABA sound like if it were a musical?

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