For Aliens, By Aliens

A podcast about what it means to be a Hooman

Episode 66: Fan Fiction and The Room of Infinite Buttholes

Is there a world where Frasier actually lives at the end? What if Cloud and Sephiroth totally banged? I mean, they did, but what if it was canonical? Well, join your Earth Ambassadors in welcoming the expert on fan fiction, Audra Khrystine, as she teaches ya boys about popping, locking, docking, and shipping. Oh, and now there’s a FABA fan fiction.

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Episode 65: Interdimensional Sticky Hands

Have you ever met a dentist? Me neither. Come to think of it, have you ever even SEEN a dentist? How can you be sure? Everyone knows that you lose consciousness whenever you visit a dentist’s office, so anything could be going on in there. Model train collecting? Sure. Non-specific measuring? Almost definitely. Transdimensional limb harvesting? That goes without saying.

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Episode 64: Trap Doors and Tar Snakes

What are the only things standing between you and living your whole life outdoors? That’s right, doors! But how important are doors, really? Could we live without them? There sure would be a lot less privacy. Aaron gives a cringy and completely hypothetical situation where doors failed him. Your Ambassadors talk ultimate trap doors and back doors, and once again, Jacob is a murderer.

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Episode 63: Professor Boner’s Science Room

Yeah, that’s a Pokemon reference. Deal with it. Aliens, welcome to the great big exciting world of Pokemon, where pets vie for the attention of their masters (against their will?) as they get buff and fight other Pokemon for the chance to be the best in the land. Shit, this is some Roman gladiator-type-level shit. Anyway, you’re supposed to enjoy catching them all, into slavery...but in a good way? I guess we’ll see.

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Episode 62: Pro-TREE-theus

What’s up with trees, am I right? What a bunch of lazy, freeloading, xbox-playing stoners. Should we even save them? This week your Earth ambassadors tackle this tough topic, visit an alternate reality where trees make houses out of hoomans, and predict the rise of Degrassi, science overlord of the future.

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