For Aliens, By Aliens

A podcast about what it means to be a Hooman

Episode 60: M.C. F*** Your Dad

Listen up, thou lumpish, milk-livered dewberry! This week your Earth ambassadors explain Earth’s favorite pastime: insults. Hear your ambassadors one-up each other with insults from different eras, unpack the artistry of the original insult comic, William Shakespeare, and finally cut into some juicy rap beef.

Theme song: “Eye of My Mind” by Wooky (

Episode 59: Sk8er Boiz

Strap on your cow tongues - this week is all about shoes. Hear your Earth ambassadors’ theories on the history of footwear, then learn about an exciting new investment opportunity in dead pet sneakers. Finally, join your ambassadors on a tour through an imaginary shoe-zeum, where Aaron and Jacob revisit the ghosts of footwear past. 

Theme song: “Eye of My Mind” by Wooky (

Ep. 58 - Video Gamesplaining, Level 2, The Quickening Splash

WTFaba?! Jacob and Aaron go on the way back tour of their personal video game histories, and along the way, they might just find that the courage to be heroes was inside them all along. Join Jacob and Aaron as they explore the games that meant the most to them and make up a few game characters of their own. Spoiler alert: this one's good. Theme song: “Eye of My Mind” by Wooky (

Ep. 57 - Video Gamesplaining, Level 1

You wake up in a small room with plenty of breakable vases. ""Professor Oak needs to see you, someone from the next room via a text bubble on the screen. Damn, looks like you're in a video game. Luckily, your Earth Ambassadors know all about that shiz. They even have ideas about the future of video games, and of course they have some lucritive virtual reality boardgame ideas.

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Episode 56: Sausage Minority Report

Everyone’s grilling hotdogs and burgers this week, and they’re doing so while making things blow up. It's the perfect time to talk about Independence Day and freedom. Your Earth Ambassadors talk about their favorite freedoms and recommend the blending of a few choice holidays. Also, Jacob has an idea to stop hoomans from taking their freedom too far. And no, it is not butt stuff.

Theme song: “Eye of My Mind” by Wooky (

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