For Aliens, By Aliens

A podcast about what it means to be a Hooman

Episode 41: Attack of the Clowns

It’s a FABA two-for-one special! This week, your incredibly handsome Earth ambassadors explain two key concepts of hooman life: clones and clowns. Find out why dino-clowns are bad for children, and learn which Earth ambassador kind of maybe really wants to go to clone college.

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Episode 39: Vitamin Death

This week, you’re Earth Ambassadors try to make light of murder. Find out why it's the pits when your kids murder you. Also, find out what diet murder is. Of course, they talk about serial killers. Aaron loves cereal. Other topics include: MOLO (monkeys only live once), wallets made out of boy, and the best murder.

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Episode 38: One More Time With Feeling!

That’s right, aliens, your Earth ambassadors just couldn’t resist spending another episode talking about those sweet, sweet human tunes. Listen in this week to find out what was really up with the Ying Yang Twins, try to determine if Aaron is actually a low-key Juggalo, then help us finally help R. Kelly out of that dang closet.

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Episode 37: Music’s for Coolios, Part One: The Early Dayz

Come take the Magical Mystery Tour with your Earth Ambassadors as they tell you what they were listening to you throughout their lives -- basically what made them the beautiful men they are today. What were you listening to on 9/11? Whatever happened to Uncle Kracker? These questions and more. 

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